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Twins Becca and Sarah Wolf will share their “contemporary rock/country” sister harmonies at Pampell’s in Kerrville this Saturday. You can also hear them online and at open mics around the Hill Country. Photo by Phil Houseal

The Wolf Sisters
perform this Saturday, January 8, at Pampell’s (corner of Sidney Baker and Water Street) in Kerrville. You can follow The Wolf Sisters on YouTube (sarahlw88); Facebook (The Wolf Sisters); and Twitter (TheWolfSisters).

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The Wolf Sisters

by Phil Houseal
Jan 5, 2011


Ready to hear (and see) something different?

Meet The Wolf Sisters - Becca and Sarah.

“We’re twins,” they said in harmony.

“I’m Becca...,” said one.

“And I’m Sarah,” said the other.

The blonde, fraternal twins live in Kerrville, and have been singing most of their 22 years.

“Our mom always said we could sing before we could talk.” Becca said.

(It is sometimes hard to keep straight exactly who said what because they finish each other’s sentences and often speak the same words at the same time.)

Growing up, they mostly sang for fun. But family and friends noticed their talent and began urging them to take it a step further.

“I started playing guitar about three years ago,” Sarah said. “I taught myself. Ever since then, everyone’s been telling us to do music.”

So they’ve been doing music.

“Trying to, at least,” she added.

When asked to categorize their style, they replied (at the same time), “Contemporary rock/country.”

Detecting a quizzical look on my face, Sarah added, “Like Miranda Lambert, or Carrie Underwood.”

Becca chimed in. “And we throw in a little Guns n Roses and Lady Gaga, too.” They both giggled.

Sarah sings lead; Becca sings lead harmony. They have been performing at open mics, benefits, clubs in Bandera, and will perform with their band at Pampell’s in Kerrville this Saturday, January 8. Their band includes experienced musicians Carlos Escobedo- Drummer; Louis Real- Bass Guitar; Paul Tennison- Lead Guitar; and Greg Cox-Lead Guitar.

In addition to doing live gigs, the sisters are working on releasing a CD of their original tunes this year. Writing - like singing and harmonizing and learning guitar - seems to come easy to them.

So which one is the writer?

“We both are!” they said, predictably, together.

“We just find a good tune, then start singing,” Sarah explained.

Becca added, “Most of our songs are written within 15 or 20 minutes.”

That will make a lot of singer/songwriters upset, I thought.

As much as they laugh and enjoy performing, the 22-year-old twins are serious about the music business. They day I interviewed them, waiting to sing with Thomas Michael Riley at Hondo’s, they had just filed business papers.

“We started a business - The Wolf Sisters - today,” Becca said. “So now we can do merchandise, market our CDs, and track road expenses.”

Before they get too big, you might want to give them a listen. If you can’t make it to Pampell’s, you can find them online at YouTube (sarahlw88) and Facebook (The Wolf Sisters).

Sarah added a warning. “Make sure it’s The Wolf Sisters from Texas, not Tennessee!”

“Yes,” said Becca, laughing. “You don’t want to get those mixed up. There are two of them, and they’re blonde, and they’re sisters too.”

But I’ll bet they are nothing like these Wolf Sisters.