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Eban Wood and Taylor Pie are among 17 music acts performing this weekend for Texas Rebel Radio’s Windows on Texas, returning to Fredericksburg for its 9th season featuring Texas music. Photo by Phil Houseal

Windows on Texas takes place this Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, January 13, 14, 15, & 16, 2011. Compete schedule of bands and venues is posted online at www.texasrebelradio.com.

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Windows: Totally Texas

by Phil Houseal
Jan 12, 2011


What started as a spark of an idea in 2002 has become an event that lights up January with the blazing talent of Texas music. This weekend marks the 9th season of Windows on Texas, a showcase for music that is totally Texas.

“This event is about and for music,” said Dawn Dale, Program Director of founding sponsor KFAN radio. “It is supporting the Texas music industry, bringing independent Texas artists to the forefront. We go to great effort to bring in the music industry and acquaint them with artists we believe in.”

Jayson and Jan Fritz of Fritz Broadcasting first put together the mid-winter event at the urging of Ernie Loeffler of the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau. One original goal was to add an event to draw visitors to Fredericksburg during a traditionally slower time of year.

It has grown to include 17 musical acts performing at 10 venues over four nights, according to Dale. It is also more than that.

“The whole point with Windows is not that we are featuring bars; we are featuring everything Texas,” Dale said. “We are trying to highlight all of the beautiful industries of the area, as well as venues that support these artists.”

This year, some of those artists include Bad Rodeo (“We couldn’t be more excited about that one - those guys are incredible and they are a KFAN core artist”), Taylor Pie, Melissa Ludwig, and Charlie Montague.

Another goal is to put Texas artists in front of music promoters and record labels. According to Dale, this interaction has benefited both artist and the music business.

“Often, just our booking a group for Windows leads to activity before they get here. By July and August as we are beginning to release the names of people to be included, quite often the industry has reached out to these artists.”

So what exactly is Texas music?

Dale laughed and quoted the icon of Texas Music - Willie Nelson. “He said, it’s music out of Texas, then he shrugged and raised an eyebrow.”

Of course that now encompasses everything from country to blues, rock, swing, light jazz, and Americana. “We have something for everybody,” Dale said.

The event now also garners national attention. Texas music is hot everywhere, and Dale notes there are people from outside state of Texas who have made this their annual vacation past several years.

“They come seek us out,” she said.

Music fans are still surprised that every performance is free. This largesse is thanks to generous support from underwriters and sponsors.

“There are expenses, but everything is still free,” Dale confirmed. “That’s due to a huge thanks to our sponsors; without them we can’t do it. It has become a year round project.”

The “Fabulous Sunday Night Wrap-Up Show” will be held for the first time at The Crossroads in Fredericksburg, from 5-10pm. It features Elliot Park, Madison Monroe, and Bad Rodeo. It is also free, but due to the limited venue guests must pick up tickets at any of the other venues.

Dale urges music fans to get out to at least one of the Windows on Texas events.

“I think the Hill Country enjoys a tremendous opportunity to have music brought to them year round,” Dale said. “I really thank our fans for this being our ninth year. They fill every venue, and it is their enthusiasm and their energy that helps bring these artists who bless our lives every day.”