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Pig Floyd has become a real stage hog in his fledgling singing career. Here he performs “I’m a Hog for You Baby” in a duet with Doug Davis. Pig Floyd's handler Ernie Durawa can be seen at lower left. Pigture courtesy Laura Emory.

Pig Floyd’s next appearance is at Luckenbach Dancehall on June 18. To find out more, check out the web site: www.reverbnation.com/dougdavisandthenoteropers

Or “friend” Pig Floyd on Facebook.


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Pig Floyd

by Phil Houseal
May 18, 2011


I’m from Iowa, where the proper place for a pig is between the peas and the potatoes.*

So it was a bit unsettling to see a piece of pork onstage singing I’m a Hog For You Baby.

Doug Davis, chief wrangler for Doug Davis and the Note Ropers, is the agent behind the porcine crooner.

“I’ve known that song since the late 1960s,” he explained. “It is a real song. I learned it from Jesse Colin Young.” (It was also done by the Kinks and the Coasters.)

So it wasn’t much of a leap for Davis’s devious mind to recruit a more authentic voice.

“Ernie Durawa - who plays drums in my band as well as with the Texas Tornadoes - brought his teacup pig to a gig one time,” Davis said. “I thought it would be cool to get the pig to sing with me on the song. So we got him up there, and, sure enough, he sang.”

It’s more of a squeal, but it seems to be on pitch and on cue. The second time they tried it, someone captured the moment on video. You can view it at YouTube: http://youtu.be/_UPX2v_2FtQ

The way it works is Davis and the band kick off the song, and when the chorus rolls around, Davis holds Pig Floyd up to the microphone and Mr. Floyd starts squealing... er... singing. Davis provides a convincing, ear-splitting rendition of the sound.

“Actually, I could do his part, so we don’t really need the pig,” Davis admitted. “But it’s more fun to have someone else to sing with.”

The crowd reaction is varied.

“Some people think it’s highly entertaining; some think the pig’s not happy,” Davis said, noting the pig seems to be squirming in his arms. “Actually he was trying to get away towards the end of the clip, but I’m a pretty good wrangler so I was able to keep from dropping him. I think he was uncomfortable because his feet were getting tangled up in my guitar.”

Dressed in his cowboy boots, bandanna, and hat, Pig Floyd seems to attract the chicks. Texas steel guitar queen Cindy Cashdollar became enamored of him during a gig at Threadgill’s, until Floyd “had a little accident” in her arms.

Otherwise, “he is a very pleasant individual.”

Floyd has attracted enough of a following that the band is putting together some new tunes for him, including Just Bumming Around with the lyric changed to Just Rooting Around.

“We haven’t quite got that one worked up,” Davis explained. “These things take a lot of time and rehearsals and so forth.”

Davis, who delivers all his lines deadpan, has a long and storied history wrangling critters. His resume experience includes “multi-species caregiver.” He has helped a friend wrangle animals for a Ted Nugent reality show, where they brought out armadillos, rats, goats, and chickens.

So does the band have plans to include more animals in their musical act?

“I am not bigoted in any way,” Davis answered gravely. “Any species is welcome.”

(That could be a dangerous statement in some of the places I’ve played.)

For now, Pig Floyd is the star. In fact he is a real “stage hog.” He likes grapes and popcorn, and he eats like a pig. He even has his own Facebook page.

Fittingly, he has more friends than I have.

*No sentient creatures were harmed in the making of the video, unless someone got a tummy ache from eating too many grapes.