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Erik and Rebekah Strickland are making professional quality recording more accessible to Hill Country musicians at their new MuzeMatic Studios in Kerrville. Photo by Phil Houseal

MuzeMatic Studios is located at 1216 Broadway, Kerrville TX. Hours: Mon-Fri, 10 a.m - 6 p.m.; Sat, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Contact www.muzematic.com, 830-895-5092.


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Finding your Muze

by Phil Houseal
Nov 16, 2011


Admit it. You’ve thought about writing a book, painting a landscape, or recording a song. Now there is a business that can help you with that last one - and it is not as expensive or time-consuming as you might expect.

Erik and Rebekah Strickland have opened a new recording studio/music store in Kerrville called MuzeMatic. The young couple came to the Hill Country from San Antonio with the idea of making recording affordable and accessible. What drew them to this area was the abundance of creative local talent.

“Most people don’t realize the number of artists we have in this area,” Erik said. “They come to escape the city, to write music, and to enjoy the beauty of the area. We figured, why not put a recording studio smack dab in the center of the Hill Country, so they wouldn’t have to drive to Austin or San Antonio?”

Along with making recording geographically convenient, the Strickland’s dream is to make it affordable. MuzeMatic’s hourly rate is as low as $35, and is the same for recording, mixing, and mastering. That can be a significant savings, because the production can take more time than the actual recording.

“We are trying to get everyone in to a recording studio,” Erik said. “This is a chance to come work in a professional studio at a reasonable rate.”

And apparently many are coming in. Since opening their doors in September, the Stricklands have seen a steady stream of musicians lay down tracks, from country bands to a gospel rapper. Some are youngsters trying to break out their new music; others are retirees who just want to put their songs on a CD for their grandchildren. All are excited to get inside a real recording studio.

The Stricklands emphasize that you don’t have to be a polished musician to take advantage of a professional recording setup. They also can help you create an audio Christmas greeting, a personal message to a loved one, or a clever phone message. Still hanging on to some favorite old music tapes? MuzeMatic will transfer your cassettes to digital audio so you can keep grooving to Grand Funk into the next decade.

For the serious musician, MuzeMatic boasts the latest digital software and top recording hardware to put together as good a product as you will find anywhere. ProTools recording software, Sapphire Pro audio interfaces, OctoPre amps, and three isolation booths stocked with professional mics, amps, and instruments are all available for use. In fact, MuzeMatic is a full-blown music store as well. They sell guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, plus all accessories, mics, stands, mixers, and soon will add a line of home recording equipment. “Pretty much anything you can think of, we can get it,” said Rebekah.

The Stricklands can turnkey a CD, from recording to packaged product. They will record, mix, master, press, duplicate, label, and package your CD.

Okay. So MuzeMatic has a studio, musical instruments, recording equipment, strings and tuners. What if you can’t play an instrument?

No problem. They offer music lessons, too. Or Erik, who plays guitar, will help lay down background tracks. Future plans including teaching audio engineering classes to those who might consider it as a career or sideline, or just for those who want to learn to record on their own equipment.

As for those other goals on your list, you’re on your own. But for making that first hit record, Rebekah has the answer: “Come in and get recorded.”