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Rex - Mediocre Musician


Read about Rex's music... and learn about his past


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Hey Phil,
I saw a weird thing hanging on the wall in our Junction office on Monday I was going to tell you about. It was a record (45) with your name on it and Bill Smallwood. First I just saw Bill Smallwood and thought it strange that there was a Bill Smallwood in Fredericksburg; I picked it up and turned it over and there was your name. Can you tell me the history behind that? I have not listened to it because it looked a bit scratched up on one side......and then there was an issue about a record player?
Let me know.....inquiring minds, ya know!

Marti Ashcraft
Operations Manager
Revolution Broadcast Company of the West

You stumbled across my one hit record - Rocky Mountain Oysters! Recorded by Bill Smallwood in the 1970s, it was a hit in San Angelo and Australia. I received $43.58 in worldwide royalties. Bill has a recording, but it is only on 45 rpm. Until I get it updated, here are some other stupid songs to keep that taste in your mouth.

Stranger Things Can Happen (mp3)
A slightly skewed take on relationships.